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Hello, if you don't already know by now, as millions surely already do, my name is Marjorie. People know me as a bead jewelry designer with an obsessive penchant for gemstones, pearls, more gemstones, more pearls, even more gemstones and even more pearls, and, of course, all the other stuff, like chain, wire, sterling silver, and you know what else, I don't have to tell you. And if you have heard that I spend more time on the internet than God, well, you might be right. I am always on the lookout for the next great thing in jewelry. It could be yours. (Actually, it should be mine, but you know me....) I hang out at Land of Odds (, and you can reach me there anytime. Point my nose in the right direction -- jewelry on-line that people will want to talk about. And, darling, you better believe this is my real nose. The jewelry ain't fake either. Let me take your hand, and guide your eye to see the treasures I have found ....


Amee K. McNamara

Amee Runs With Scissors

Lions and Llamas and Beads, Oh My!

The Wizard in the Land of Odds asked me to write about a polymer clay artist. I whined and said that I did not like any of the polymer clay artists that he had chosen. To tell you the truth I truly was not a fan of polymer clay. The idea of taking poly vinyl chloride and making something beautiful out of it was beyond my comprehension.

Then one day quite by accident, I dropped onto the website of Amee K McNamara.

Amee Runs with Scissors states; “Telling the truth is important. Consequently, I spill my guts on the Home page of my website with the very first sentence; “I am an Obsessive Dabbler.”

I immediately saw Amee’s Obsessive Dabbling as art I could wrap my heart and mind around. She is a woman after my own heart. Amee let’s us know that it is perfectly wonderful to create passionately in every which way and direction; “I used to despair over my seeming lack-of-focus. While my nine-to-five life as an Interior Designer has remained constant for over twenty years, my artistic life has staggered along the blissfully erratic path of a glutton at a smorgasbord. My list of fleeting “this is what I want to do forever” passions has included everything from counted cross-stitch to oil painting to doll-making to loom-woven potholders. And my caprice knows no bounds. Each new fixation demanded an investment in tools and materials to which I capitulated with an almost zombie-like, the-voices-in-my-head-made-me-do-it subservience.”

Amee vents about her obsession about her website; “Amee Runs With Scissors is the safe place from which I can unleash my unabashed lust for color, my fascination with getting a likeness "just so" and my undeniable fixation with working with teeny-tiny, itty-bitty, ridiculously small beads. (Oh beads, beads, pretty beads!)”

Welcome to Amee’s particular brand of cheerful lunacy.

I fell in love with Amee’s polymer clay Lion’s heads with their big soulful eyes and manes of gorgeous beads which will move with your movements. To wear one of her masterpieces must make one feel powerful and strong like the huge cat it represents. Her In like A Lion necklace truly captures the essence of a tempestuous storm. I can feel the bluster and strength of the wind in her choice of colors, stones and pearls. Here’s what Amee had to say about creating her polymer lions; “I love working with skinner blends and the purity of color I can get with the clay and I challenge myself to create teeny, tiny details using the smallest possible pieces of brightly colored clay. Creating a polymer clay lion face but using (Sherri) Serafini’s fringe technique to make the mane was a natural development in my work.”

I love Amee’s passion and obsession with creating her jewelry, as she writes about how she got started with polymer clay and bead embroidery; “From the moment I saw Sherri Serafini’s bead-embroidered collar blazing from the cover of the 2003 Anniversary edition of Bead & Button, however, a subtle shift occurred. I continued to learn new techniques and work with new materials but things began to coalesce; I didn’t have any cabochons to embroider around and all the small bead-shops were closed so, I went to the big craft-store and bought polymer clay to make my own cabochons. I hadn’t ever worked with polymer clay before but – what the heck? – it seemed like the most immediate solution to my immediate problem. Of course, once I started monkeying around with the polymer clay, I got hooked on that too.”

Amee has been creating all sorts of creatures from her magical polymer clay including crabs and llamas. I look forward to seeing those in the future.

Go take a look for yourself, and you will find a truly amazing bead, polymer clay jewelry designer as well as a fine painter to boot.





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