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Hello, if you don't already know by now, as millions surely already do, my name is Marjorie. People know me as a bead jewelry designer with an obsessive penchant for gemstones, pearls, more gemstones, more pearls, even more gemstones and even more pearls, and, of course, all the other stuff, like chain, wire, sterling silver, and you know what else, I don't have to tell you. And if you have heard that I spend more time on the internet than God, well, you might be right. I am always on the lookout for the next great thing in jewelry. It could be yours. (Actually, it should be mine, but you know me....) I hang out at Land of Odds (, and you can reach me there anytime. Point my nose in the right direction -- jewelry on-line that people will want to talk about. And, darling, you better believe this is my real nose. The jewelry ain't fake either. Let me take your hand, and guide your eye to see the treasures I have found ....



Linda Chandler has a forthright Internet page name: . She shows off her incredible intricate designs on that website. She has been designing and creating beautiful wire woven, Precious Metal Clay, and metalsmithed jewelry in Indianapolis, Indiana, for over 20 years.

You will probably recognize her inimitable style from the many publications where many of her works have been featured. All Wired Up by Mark Lareau is a book I highly recommend to all beginning wire students, and some of Linda’s creations are featured therein. Linda co-authored Woven Wire Jewelry in its second printing and Getting Started Making Jewelry. Her latest book from 2008 is entitled Wire Wrapping which was “compiled with advanced beginners and intermediate designers in mind, this guidebook starts with the basics of wire wrapping and builds skills progressively as aspiring crafters work through each project.”

Linda’s basket weave bracelets are spectacular feats of wire bending at its absolute best. Linda knows that her hand woven bracelets are heirlooms in the making and let’s us know that “These basket weave bracelets are made completely by hand, extremely time consuming, intense labor and deep concentration goes into each design. I can only make these in spurts, short burst of energy, far and few between. Designs are exclusively my own, you will never see my style of unique jewelry anywhere else. Skillfully hand crafted to last for generations.” With that in mind I feel that her prices are very reasonable and affordable for a specialty handcrafted piece of art jewelry.

Two glorious pieces from her private collection of the PMC faces of Medusa and Sphinx have fashioned headdresses from wire and gemstones which are so stunning, that it is obvious why she will not part with them.

I also love the bracelets in Linda’s Gallery two, and again it is like peaking into the Linda Chandler Museum with many of the pieces sold or in her private collection. Linda will take orders, and perhaps one day I could convince her to part with one of them, or maybe I could learn to make a bracelet from her books or from the download she sells on her website.

Be sure to check out and email Linda if you would like to order a keepsake for yourself or a gift to some very deserving person that you care for a great deal.






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