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Hello, if you don't already know by now, as millions surely already do, my name is Marjorie. People know me as a bead jewelry designer with an obsessive penchant for gemstones, pearls, more gemstones, more pearls, even more gemstones and even more pearls, and, of course, all the other stuff, like chain, wire, sterling silver, and you know what else, I don't have to tell you. And if you have heard that I spend more time on the internet than God, well, you might be right. I am always on the lookout for the next great thing in jewelry. It could be yours. (Actually, it should be mine, but you know me....) I hang out at Land of Odds (, and you can reach me there anytime. Point my nose in the right direction -- jewelry on-line that people will want to talk about. And, darling, you better believe this is my real nose. The jewelry ain't fake either. Let me take your hand, and guide your eye to see the treasures I have found ....


The Inpatient Crafter
I color outside the lines

Margot Potter is a renaissance woman. This “crafty chick,” from rural Pennsylvania has been crafting since she was “old enough to hold a Crayola®,” and is known as the Impatient Crafter.TM.

Among her many artistic specialties, Margot is a jewelry designer, author, actress, and television personality. Being the Jewelry Spotter, I had been looking at another particular artist, but while at her website, I kept seeing jewelry designs by Margot. Those designs intrigued me so much that I wanted to see more and know more about the woman behind those wonderful fun designs.

Start with Victorian designs; mix in a little 20’s through the 80’s retro inspirations, throw in some reclaimed recycled bits, and voilá, you have a “trash-to-treasure-trover,” Margot Potter masterpiece. Sometimes her musings may not lead to masterpiece status, but that is part of Margot’s unique philosophy of artistry.

“I believe that creativity should be generously peppered with glorious mistakes,” she says. “I believe that even our most crappy creations have immense value. Creativity is a wonderful adventure in the jungles of our imaginations and we shouldn't be too concerned about bringing along maps or GPS systems when we're hanging out with the muse.”

The prolific Margot has written five books, and her sixth book can be preordered from now. I remember when we got The Impatient Beader and The Inpatient Beader Gets Inspired in Be Dazzled Beads, and I was amused, intrigued, and yet I felt it was somewhat too crafty for me (not yet realizing that I too am a crafter at heart). I recommended her books numerous times, and I kept looking through them to pick up tips. Now I am excited about getting Bead Chic, and recommending it for all the chic beaders in Nashville. I might have to have one myself.

This is Margot’s description of Bead Chic and how she pitched it to her publisher; "Banana Republic and Sundance Catalog have a latté at Starbucks." Mmmm, that sounds yummy, chi-chi, and beautiful to me.

Margot is so giving to all of us jewelry designers and crafters by sharing her designs and inspirations on her websites and blogs. We crafters (kids and teens included), as well as anyone else who wants to be creative can take advantage of these huge opportunities to learn so many techniques and gain insights into the mind of this great designer and writer. Entertaining, educational craft tutelage costs mega bucks at shows like Bead & Button (which is a huge and fabulous show), where the classes with great teachers from around the country, can cost many hundreds of dollars. “Madge” puts it out there online, and most of it is absolutely free. She deserves great credit for paying it forward in her own wonderful ways.

“When I share a project with instructions, the intention is for you to make that for yourself or as a gift,” she says. “I am not giving you permission to resell that idea, which is why I have a Creative Commons copyright license on my blog sidebar that clearly states you may not copy my work or make derivative works for resale.”

Margot, you are an idol to me and many, many an impatient crafter. Martha Stewart cannot hold a dyed pearl to you. You inspire many of us crafty irreverent types, who can only hope to be somewhat like you in this lifetime and the next three. How did you become so absolutely fabulous? You have a wonderful work ethic and a stick-to-itiveness that is uncommon in this 21st century. Your sixth sense of women’s need to create shows that it is as if you soaked up by osmosis the souls, hearts, and minds of all the creative women on this planet, and we became a part of you, and you became a part of us. All of your generous musings, patterns, ideas, and inspirations, are enough, but never enough to get us through our manic jewelry making frenzy.





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