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Hello, if you don't already know by now, as millions surely already do, my name is Marjorie. People know me as a bead jewelry designer with an obsessive penchant for gemstones, pearls, more gemstones, more pearls, even more gemstones and even more pearls, and, of course, all the other stuff, like chain, wire, sterling silver, and you know what else, I don't have to tell you. And if you have heard that I spend more time on the internet than God, well, you might be right. I am always on the lookout for the next great thing in jewelry. It could be yours. (Actually, it should be mine, but you know me....) I hang out at Land of Odds (, and you can reach me there anytime. Point my nose in the right direction -- jewelry on-line that people will want to talk about. And, darling, you better believe this is my real nose. The jewelry ain't fake either. Let me take your hand, and guide your eye to see the treasures I have found ....


Ruth Tomlinson

Here is just a quick little blog to whet your jewelry appetite.

Ruth Tomlinson from the United Kingdom works with sterling silver, 18 carat gold and porcelain creating jewelry with a very delicate and feminine quality. Her beautiful floral pieces remind me of the flowers in my mother’s gardens, especially the very delicate lilies of the valley. Her delicate designs strike a beautiful chord in my heart.

Ruth’s inspiration comes from the history of jewelry and lifecycles from birth to decay. She also takes great interest in archaeological finds and Pre-Raphaelite imagery and symbolism. Tomlinson responds to her immediate environment as most great artists and is open to spontaneous finds and observations. Her aim is to work jewelry materials into works with a very delicate and sensitive quality. “I hope to evoke a sense of wonder around my work that leads people to question the idea of preciousness.”

Ruth Tomlinson has been awarded many awards:

June 2005 Theo Fennel Prize for best jewellery at the Royal College of art
Dec 2003 Garrards Competition at the Royal College or Art. Short listed design for diamond collection
March 2003 Goldsmiths Craftsmanship and Design Awards. Fashion jewellery: flatwork, commended
June 2001 Business Design Centre, New Designer of the Year, highly commended.
June 2001 Wedgwood Future of Design Award in ceramic design

Bravo for Ruth and Bravo to all the award winners in jewelry competitions all over the world. I will be writing about Jewelry Designs competitions in The Jewelry Spotter Blog in weeks to come. So stay tuned.





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