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I like to organize my pieces into Series I call "Collections." For each Collection, I study a particular culture or technique or design theory, and play with what I've learned. How can I adopt what I've learned to my individual style and approach? Each Collection, then, is a personal challenge of expression and expressiveness.

My personal style centers on a few key elements:

I like to...

- Mix colors in unexpected ways, particularly colors you would not ordinarily assume would complement one another

- Use a lot of what are called "grays", such as black diamond, montana blue, colorado topaz, alexandrite

- Combine both bead weaving, bead stringing, and wire-working techniques within the same piece.

- Modify traditional weaving and stringing techniques

- Define and play with forms and themes, and thresholds and transititions from one form to the next

- Have pieces that emphasize the sensual and sexual

- Create unusual, unexpected placement of shapes, such as using curved tubes where you might expect a straight tube instead, or using a cube where you would expect a flat rondelle

- Add dimensionality, curvature, and interlocking forms, where I can, to make my pieces both fashionable and contemporary

- Push the limits of, and experiment with, the materials and techniques I am using


--- Warren Feld

The Collections

Contemporized Etruscan Jewelry

Barcelona Sensations

Crystallized Allure



Vintage Revival

Little Tapestries


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