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Palette Choices:
Teal Terra / Antique Rose
Antique Amethyst / Sage Green
Spectrum Gold
Terra Cotta
Brilliant Gold

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Session I: Contemporizing Traditional Etruscan Jewelry

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Palette 1: Brass



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About the Kit...

This is a fun bracelet project, using the square stitch. This general design – square stitch with an open window – has appeared in many variations over the years, including one variation developed by Shelley Nybakke. This Etruscan Square Stitch Bracelet is influenced by Shelley’s version of the piece, particularly in the choice of the 3mm faceted brass cube beads.

The Square Stitch is a very basic stitch. The beads line up along a grid of parallel rows and perpendicular columns, where each square represents one bead. The Square Stitch can utilize patterns developed for Cross Stitch, Loom, or Knitting patterns.

Design Elements Discussed: boundaries, frames, negative spaces, shapes, textures.

In this example, I created a 7” bracelet for a woman to wear. The beadwork was 6 ½” and the clasp assembly added another ½”. The bracelet was 8 – 3mm size beads wide (about 7/8”), and 67 – 3mm size beads long.

My frame-borders around the window were each 2 – 3mm beads wide. My window (negative space) was the equivalent of 4 – 3mm beads wide.

I wanted to have my frame constructed of one type of faceted bead, and to create a simple pattern of larger square beads along the window space. I always like to bracket or frame my focal beads, so I put an 8/0 seed bead on either side of my focal square beads.

I imagined that my bracelet could be worn casually, as well as a “little dressed up,” which is why I chose to use the metal and gemstone beads on the piece.

In the Etruscan Square Stitch Bracelet project... Goals:

- Planning a bracelet design with a negative space
- Translating bracelet measurement goals into the construction plan
- Understanding construction and structural issues, such as areas of weakness, using the Square Stitch with this design
- Discussion of Design Concepts: boundaries, frames, negatives spaces, shapes and textures
- Adding a clasp assembly












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