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Fire Opal

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Session II: Fringe, Edge, Strap, Bail, Surface Embellishment in Jewelry -- Art or Not?

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The BezelWorks Pendant KIT
Instructions to make a 16 1/2 - 18 1/2" Pendant w/Necklace Strap
Supplies to make up to an 19" Pendant w/Strap

With This Kit, You Will Receive...

- Step by Step instructions on CD
with text, diagrams and images
- Size 11/0 Delica beads, and 15/0 seed beads
- Swarovski series 5000, 2mm round beads in one or more colors
- Swarovski series 5328, 4mm bicone beads in one color
- Decorative Gemstone oval-shaped bead, apprx 20x40mm or 25x35mm or 30x40mm in size
- One G beading thread in a matching color, size D
- FireLine cable thread in a matching color, size D
- 2ea of size #10 and and 4ea of size #12 beading needles
- gold filled hook/eye clasp and chain
- Plastic case with tight lid for carrying these supplies



Provided At The Workshop...
- Bees wax or microcrystalline wax
- Scissors
- Ruler, pencil and paper
- Work Surface
- Bic lighter or thread zapper
- chain nose or flat nose pliers
- side cutters or flush cutters
- necklace sizing cone or some way to measure your neck

Other Supplies You May Want To Bring...
- Paper, pencil
- Additional lighting, magnification, chair cushioning, if needed


PLEASE NOTE: Sometimes, because of erratic supplies of beads and othermaterials,
we will need to substitute something of similar color and quality.










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