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About the Kit...

The Monet's Garden Bracelet is a fun project that students love. It is for students who have some familiarity with bead weaving and an obsession with colors. This project was designed by Kathleen Lynam.

I had been experimenting with various strategies for blending colors along the length of a bracelet. At about the same time, Beadwork issued a call for project proposals to be used in a book about what to do with your Bead Stash -- all those small quantities of lots of different colors you have left over. This was perfect.

This bracelet teaches a mathematical approach for organizing several colors within a color blending scheme. Also presented is a simple math formula for personalizing your bracelet -- that is, varying the width and length to suit your needs. The techniques here are Square Stitch and Fringing.

It is important, I believe, for a contemporary piece of jewelry to have a sense of dimensionality, movement, and a strong use of color.

Color blending with beads is always challenging. It is not like paints, where you can merge and blend colors with ease. Beads are physical objects with set colors. You can't mush them together, The transition from bead to bead in any piece, requires the eye/brain, when interacting and interpreting colors, to literally jump a cliff between the inevitable gaps between each bead. You want the viewer to have a satisfying, pleasurable journey as their eye/brain moves along that line of color-transitioning beads.

In my pieces, I love to draw on nature's inspiration. I gather flowers and plants and bring them into the bead shop to match their colors as closely as I can. For my Monet's Garden Bracelet, I've developed instructions for both a Spring Palette, as well as a Fall Palette. However, the instructions would be as useful for a monochromatic palette, such as whites to grays to black, or a Southwest palette, such as turquoise to corals to reds. Use your imagination --- and use up your bead stash, in the process!


In the Monet's Garden Bracelet project...

What You Will Learn:

- Planning for Color Blending
- Creating a square stitch base
- Creative use of fringe
- Embellishing edges along your square stitch base
- Adding a button clasp











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