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The Center for Beadwork & Jewelry Arts is committed to the teaching of beadwork and jewelry-making from a skills-development and -applications approach. The CBJA strives, in its program, for a high degree of integrity, a comprehensive curriculum and a strong adherence to the developmental and ongoing needs of its students. The CBJA offers a wide selection of orientation, core, and elective courses.

What Will You Learn?

The CBJA offers courses, for all levels of beaders and jewelry-makers, in the following areas:
- Bead Stringing, including Attaching Clasps, Pearl Knotting
- Bead Weaving, including Peyote, Brick, Loom, Right Angle Weave, and other bead-weaving stitches
- Wire-Working and Wire-Wrapping
- Art & Craft as a Business
- General Co-Curricular Skill Areas, including Beads and Color, Texture and Materials, Jewelry Design, Strap/Edge/Fringe, and Embellishment
- Silver Smithing
- Fiber Arts, including Bead Crochet, Bead Knitting, Micro-Macrame, and Hemp Braids and Knots


What Will You Experience?

Learn basic, intermediate and advanced level skills for working with beads or making jewelry. Learn skills developmentally, rather than in an ad hoc basis. Learn skills in an organized comparative and contextual approach.


What Commitment Will I Have To Make?

Most courses are 2-3 hours, some are 4. A smaller number are longer. Most courses are electives. Some have prerequisites. You can take as many or as few as you'd like.

We have tried to schedule these courses such that each will be offered at least once during each 3-month quarter of the year.


What Does It Cost?

Most beginning classes are $30-35.00 instructional fee. Supplies are additional. For the beginning classes, we provide the tools you will need.

Some classes, like silversmithing and lampworking cost around $400.00 - $600.00 plus some incidentals.


When are Classes Offered?

Most classes are offered on Saturdays. Other Classes are offered during the day and in the evenings, Monday through Saturday.

Special workshops are usually scheduled on weekends.

If 3 or more students are interested in a particular class, we can arrange a special time, convenient for the students and the teacher.


Which Class Do I Take FIrst?

The first class we require everyone to take is called Orientation To Beads & Jewelry Findings. This first class is offered once or twice each month, and usually fills very quickly. The Orientation class is free, but it is a 2 1/2 hour commitment.

Classes here are taught in a general order. After the Orientation, you would take the beginning class in any Interest Area of your choosing. We have several Interest Areas, such as "bead weaving", "bead stringing" and "wire working." Each Interest Area has its own sequencing of classes.

If you are interested in more than one Interest Area, you would begin the sequence of classes in each one.


How Do I Register For Classes?

You register class by class, and not for the program as a whole.

You can register by phone or in person at Be Dazzled Beads. All classes require a deposit, which is nonrefundable. At the time of registration, you would pay the deposit to secure a place.

Please register at least 3-5 days ahead of time.


Where Can I Find Out Information About Class Schedules and Requirements?

Current Schedule of Classes

You can find a current schedule of classes by going to this web-page:
At the top left, click on the link that says MESSAGES
Then pull up one of the last messages that reads NEXT CBJA COURSES/HAPPENINGS

We send out an email every week with the current schedule. You are welcome to JOIN this Yahoo Group to receive this email.

All courses and workshops have limited enrollments. Deadlines for enrollment, unless otherwise specified, are at least 5 days in advance. Because of limited enrollments and enrollment deadlines, it is advisable for the student interested in enrolling in any particular course or workshop should do so at their earliest convenience.


Where are Classes offered?

Most classes are taught at Be Dazzled Beads, 718 Thompson Lane, Ste 123, Nashville, TN 37204.


Occasionally, some classes are offered off-campus at James Alfred Jones Studios, or other studio spaces.

For more information, link here: Location, Lodging, Access by Car, Plane


What Kinds of Supplies and Tools Will I Need?

For each class, the supply requirements are specified in the course descriptions which are posted on the CBJA website, as well as on clipboards on a rack in Be Dazzled Beads. In addition, we list Recommended supplies, books, tools for beginner beaders and jewelry makers.

Instructional fees do not include the costs of supplies.

A few classes have kits that may be purchased. Otherwise the student may bring their own materials, or purchase them at Be Dazzled Beads.

Occasionally some classes also require a Laboratory Fee.







The Center for Beadwork & Jewelry Arts was founded in 2000, and began offering classes in 2001. The CBJA is a program teaching beadwork and jewelry arts, providing elective and progressive track courses for students at all levels of skill. The CBJA is committed to offering a comprehensive range of bead and jewelry related course topics, from bead stringing and bead weaving to silversmithing, wire work and wire wrapping, fiber arts, and business of craft.

The CBJA is a different kind of school. CBJA offers classes structured in a particular order, rather than just a collection of mini-workshops. The CBJA uses a skills-based, rather than a project-based, approach to curriculum design. That is, in designing courses and structuring a curriculum of courses, attention is paid to what set of skills should be taught, and in what order these should be taught. The emphasis is more about, for example, teaching the control of thread and its tension in a stitch, or learning how to shape and use the structural tension of wire to make jewelry. While every course uses a project in which to provide a context for applying skills, the outcome we are seeking is the learning of skills, not merely completing a project.

CBJA is decidedly art- and design-oriented. It does not support a craft-orientation to training, where the student merely learns a set of steps to complete a particular project.

We have also tightly focused on the quality of instruction. We believe that each class must present material in written, visual and oral forms. All teachers are required to provide written instructions. Written instructions have been pretested to improve clarity and usability. Teachers are required to provide physical samples of the projects taught in classes.

We have tried to structure and interlink courses so that it becomes clearer for the student how best to develop his or her skills. We have specified prerequisites, and progressive course pathways so that the students in any one class are more similar in their beadwork or jewelry making development abilities and needs.

Welcome to the Center for Beadwork & Jewelry Arts.

The Staff Welcome You

The Staff welcome you to the Center for Beadwork & Jewelry Arts. We are very excited about our program and its design, and know you are as well. We are very committed to providing an excellent curriculum of courses through which to learn and develop beadworking or jewelry-making skills.

Beadwork and jewelry-making are not only crafts, but arts, as well. As art, they have definable sets of interrelated skills which can be taught, creatively applied, and further developed. These skills can be used to create and enhance color, shape, texture, sensibility, perception, sensuousness and emotion. They can be applied to bring meaning, cognition, culture, connectivity and wisdom to a situation. They can be used to create the tangible from the intangible, and the object from nothingness.

The skills of combining materials of physical and/or esthetic wealth into wearable art forms and adornment -- this is jewelry making.

Beads, wire, jewelry findings -- they bring visual and tactile feelings and thoughts to life in the objects we create from them. There is a sense of awe and power, esthetic feeling and historical connection. The CBJA develops and educates its students, through its elective and progressive track courses, for joining the professions of beadworking and jewelry-making, and expanding their horizons.



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