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Did you know?....
   ...That my staff and I have had all kinds of adventures in beading and jewelry making, both in our shop and out?


On one occasion, we were invited to give our ORIENTATION class to a local soldiers wives club. They got very excited about making jewelry, but clearly preferred the larger beads over the seed beads. When we got to the topic section on "seed beads", they collectively looked at the beads and looked at their hands, shook their heads, and knowingly said out loud they would stick with the larger beads!

group-jewelrymakingWomensAuxiliary.jpg We often do jewelry making workshops at conventions, typically for the Women's Auxiliary groups. Here we are teaching this Truckers' Association Women's Auxiliary to make earrings. They get wined, dined and come away with four or so pairs of earrings from which to choose to wear for the evening events.

I love doing workshops for bridal parties. Sometimes it's just a fun activity for the bridesmaids. This bracelet was specifically designed for my niece Dara, and we had fun as a group designing, fitting and modifying the piece so all could wear these at her wedding.

Once I worked with a country club to put on a special ladies luncheon. The first part was a slide presentation and talk about pearls, how to buy them, how to care for them. During the luncheon, we gave away prizes of pearl earrings, bracelets and necklaces. The last part was a social shopping time where the women could purchase finished, high quality pearl jewelry.



group-jewelrymakingparty-teambuilding.jpg Corporate Managers and Human Resources Departments love what we do! As part of a team-building program, we work with a very interactive workshop to develop team spirit, leadership skills, organizational skills, and just plain fun. Design is all about choice and the implications of choice. We make jewelry. We do think alouds. Vision mapping. Reflection and connection. Think-Pair-Share routines. And everyone goes home with a bracelet they have made with their group.

We do all kinds of workshops and classes for small groups. We worked with a local needlepoint society to teach them a variety of loom and off-loom stitches. We frequently work with school-age group leaders, like Girl Scout Troop Leaders, training them for classes they might lead with their students, like how to make a stretchy bracelet. We work with young student groups directly, usually in some kind of bracelet-making class.

Sometimes we are involved some way in fund-raisers. We assisted one non-profit in working with their members to make various pieces of jewelry to use in their fund-raising auction. For a cancer awareness group, we assisted in organizing a group of artists for a fund raiser where artists displayed their work to be auctioned at a pre-auction dinner, drinks and meet-the-artist setting.

We do 1- and 2-day workshops for bead shops, craft stores, and bead societies, as well. Typically these involve a single bead weaving project where we work on more involved designs. See our jewelry making kits for examples of the types of projects these longer workshops entail.






Sometimes we are invited to do something a little more academic, such as leading a discussion about jewelry design at a local university art class, or teaching a makers society about doing craft shows. We have even done a video conference for a national craft society on the topic of Pricing and Selling Your Jewelry.

I have planned enrichment travel programs for groups of 6-12,from cruise ship programs to walking tours of jewelry artistan studios and jewelry stores showcasing art jewelry in major cities around the world. 


We work with you to create memorable events

Types of group classes we have done (both on-site and off-site):
- Stretchy Bracelets (about 1 hour),
- Make a Bracelet (using cable wire, crimp beads and a clasp) (about 2 hours)
- Let's Make Earrings (about 1 1/2 hours)
- Make a Wrap Bracelet (about 2 hours)
- A Multi-Coil Memory Wire Bracelet For You (about 1 1/2 hours)
- Jewelry Making Party For Kids(about 1 1/2 hours)
- Jewelry Making Party With Wine and Cheese (about 2 hours)
- Make a Coil Wrapped Bead Chain (about 2+ hours) (like making a rosary)
- Make a Mala Necklace (about 4-5 hours)
- All About Pearls and Pearl Knotting (about 2 hours)
- Specialty Workshops focusing on more elaborate jewelry making and bead weaving projects (about 3 - 6 hours)
- Lectures or discussion groups on topics related to jewelry making, jewelry design, history of jewelry/beads, business of craft topics (about 1 - 3 hours)
- Demonstrations of bead weaving, wire working, wire weaving, stringing, micro-macrame
- Fund raising activities
- Cruise ship programming
- Walking Tours of jewelry artisan studios and jewelry stores showcasing art jewelry in major cities around the world
- Shopping tours of jewelry shops and boutiques in major cities around the world

Types of groups we have arranged classes for:
- Birthday parties
- Office Parties
- Group Team Building and Ice Breaker Activities
- Women's Auxiliary Groups (which are parts of professional or trade organizations
- Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts
- Craft Groups, Bead Societies, Gem and Mineral Associations
- Bead, Craft and Art Stores
- Bridesmaid/Bridal parties
- Art classes
- Non-profit organizations
- Country Clubs
- Tour groups

We can arrange classroom spaces or come to you.    Most group activities take place off-site, usually within the Nashville metropolitan area, but we do travel all over the country and internationally, as well.

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