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Palette Choices:
1. Purple Wine

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Session I: Contemporizing Traditional Etruscan Jewelry

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Palette 1: Purple Wine


About the Kit...

In the Etruscan Vine Necklace, I combine some bead stringing with some bead-woven netting techniques.

Bead stringing involves sliding beads on a stringing material, adding pendant drops as a design element, and finishing off the piece by attaching a clasp assembly.

Netting (bead weaving) is one of the oldest forms of beadwork. It is done with needle and thread. It involves adding three or more beads, one or more of which are joined to the previous row, and creates an open space.

This Etruscan Vine Necklace consists of a cascading series of pendant drops moving outward from a simple choker strand and captured within a broad netted grid.

The trick for combining bead stringing and bead weaving techniques is to create “jumping off points” from the bead strung piece, off of which to beadweave.

The beads used include Czech glass angel wings and fire polish beads, Austrian crystal bicone beads (Series 5301), gold filled beads, and Japanese Miyuki glass seed beads and delica beads, including some 24KT delica beads. The piece is strung on FireLine. The necklace is meant to be worn as a choker, and has an adjustable hook and eye clasp, allowing the length to vary between 15" and 17 1/2".


In the Etruscan Vine Necklace project...

Learning Objectives:
- Discuss concerns, issues and strategies when mixing techniques
- Create a design-plan for a bead strung/bead woven necklace
- Prepare a strung row of beads so that we can bead-weave off of it
- Measure a drop-down necklace so that it sits correctly around the neck and upon the chest
- Attach a choker clasp assembly










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